About my work with AI

I discovered image generation during the course of the pandemic,
locked down and unable to travel for work. At first just a quirky toy
app, I soon realised its potential as a new artform and built my own
AI studio in 2022.

In collaboration with AI, my workflow is a layered process of
written prompting, image referencing, visual feedback loops,
model training and traditional retouching by hand until we
produce something that echoes our ideas of beauty but
filtered through the computer’s own understanding of 2D flesh.

AI generation is not just a new technology, it is a new medium.
Yes it can imitate many existing artforms, but it’s strength lies
in it’s ability to render things unworldly for reasons unclear to us.

We might view them as glitches or mistakes.
But they are more akin to digital dreams and hallucinations.