The defining feature of the last 6 months has to be Lockdown. It comes for me soon after buying my first house and moving to a new city. I was still commuting for a short while through the winter, but not long after, everything stopped.

Work slowed then stopped. Our usually very busy social life stopped.

And in this time, as the days grew warmer and slower, I too have slowed down and have had time to reflect, respond and adjust.

I don’t think I realised how fast I had been going until I slowed down. And suddenly I have had time to spend with my new home. And time to spend in my new garden – my first garden.

I’ve also had time to start going through my archives. Illustrations, ideas, music, and photos. So many unseen photos.

And so here it is, the relaunch of my website, the same as before but less broken and now with more photos.